There are days when life is off the rails before I ever get to a cup of coffee. On those days, I never feel like I have actually started my day until I get that first cup, even if it’s 2 p.m. By that time I usually feel the need for a “do-over.” I feel the same way about 2020. […]

Charlie Brown Christmas

It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas at the Weber’s. In the beloved 1965 animated classic, Charlie Brown can’t seem to find his Christmas spirit despite the decorations and holiday falderal around him. It’s not until his friend Linus explains the true meaning of Christmas that Charlie Brown’s blues lift and he can celebrate the season with his friends. You can call […]

2020 is a Dumpster Fire and These Women Will Save Us

I have shared a text message thread that is now years long with a group of deeply connected and supportive women friends. Recently, during a week of unspeakably difficult Covid-era life events, our friend Susan aptly gave this text thread an official group name “2020 is a Dumpster Fire and These Women Will Save Us.” Yep. That’s us. Women get […]